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Trust a Top Content Marketing Agency to Optimise Your Mobile Presence

Mobile optimised content is seen as a foremost driver of in-store sales growth, according to Fortune magazine. As consumers spend more time browsing the Web and social media through their mobile devices, the myth of consumers’ purported reluctance to complete transactions over the air steadily crumbles.

A study from marketing intelligence firm NinthDecimal cites an immediate 80% rise of in-store visits on the first day of release of one of their client’s mobile campaigns. The article adds that that the influence of mobile ads will be even greater this year as consumers are no longer hat willing to invest in ad-blocking software for their devices, compared to their behaviour on desktops.

Online Viewing Patterns

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the average desktop user views search results in a triangular pattern and focuses primarily on the upper left corner of each search results page. Consumers viewing actual website content, however, follow an F-shaped pattern in that the eyes move from the top, then left to right, and straight downwards.

With the limited display on smartphones, however, mobile users are confined to the centre and are more focused on visual elements than text. If you find it challenging to create content that engages readers in the mobile landscape, you might want to turn to an established digital marketing agency, such as Traffic Cone Marketing in Birmingham, for expert assistance.

You can also follow certain methods to make your content as effective as you need it to be.

Capturing Short Attention Spans

Mobile users engage in various browsing activities, from local business searches to traffic updates, in quick succession. This means that you only have a small window of opportunity to capture their attention and lead them to your site.

For this reason, you need to publish short, powerful headlines that are easier to scan and lighter on the eyes. Pack your lead paragraphs with statements that are enticing and persuasive enough to keep readers glued to your page.

Short and Simple Content

Regardless of the content type, paragraphs should be short but meaningful. Keep keyword phrases to a maximum of three on each page to avoid keyword spamming that could lead to severe penalties from Google.

If you have yet to tap your website’s potential to attract leads and generate sales, it’s time that you sought the services of a content marketing agency that can optimise your website to greater effect and thereby engage mobile users.


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