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Diverting Web Traffic To Your Business
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Birmingham Content Marketing Agency: Traffic-Driving Content Types

You know that having a blog and constantly updating it with relevant blog posts is the first step in an effective content marketing strategy. Now that you have your blog up and running and you’ve published quite a number of blog posts in it, the next step should be for you to throw in new types of content that are sure to drive more traffic to your website.Content Marketing

Sure, your blog posts are properly optimised and formatted in the standard blog post form, but can you ensure that these effectively bring your brand’s message? Or has it been lost in the digital jungle of the Internet? Any content marketing agency will tell you that content marketing is far more than just blog posts, so here are some other content types you’ll want to try to give your website’s traffic a boost.


Videos are seen as the next big thing in content marketing, and there are several statistics that can back this up (for one, YouTube brings over a billion unique users every month). When done well, videos can effectively communicate your brand’s message to your target audience in a persuasive and extraordinarily memorable way.

Tutorials, How-Tos and Guides

Chances are, visitors to your website are looking for a solution to their problem, and guides are the perfect way to provide them with what they need. You can also provide them with guides, be it a detailed blog post or a tutorial video. Writing a guide entails having a good idea, a good writer and a good designer, while a tutorial video needs to be done with quality equipment and an expert who can speak with authority.


Aside from videos, infographics are popular among people looking for information they can easily digest in just a few minutes. In fact, infographics tend to be viewed and shared three times more than other content types. Infographics, however, should not only be thought-provoking but also visually appealing, thus you may need the help of a graphic designer to come up with one.


People want to listen to podcasts or meaningful conversations while they’re exercising or commuting. These are still an effective content type, and the simplest one to create, since you’ll only need a quality microphone and a suitable program to post one.

Aside from these, there are a lot more content types you can post on your website, but the aforementioned are the ones that can drive the most traffic. Like every online marketing strategy, you’ll also need help from a digital marketing agency, like Traffic Cone Marketing in Birmingham, for you to succeed in content marketing.


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